Art, Culture & Entertainment

Art, Culture & Entertainment

Malta has a well established art, culture & entertainment scene and a lot of events relating this topic. Due to different occupations of various countries the culture of the Maltese Islands became very rich until today. In every part of Malta, Gozo and Comino you can see the influences of the different cultures and you will experience history at its best.

The “St. John’s Co-Cathedral” in Valletta is a nice place to visit and includes a museum which illustrates the rich history of Malta. Furthermore, the “Palace of the Grandmaster” and the “Auberge de Provence” with the “Museum of Archaeology” are great places of interested for all cultural interested tourists.

Also, to experience the Maltese culture the “Arlame” is one of the Events you shouldn’t miss. It is a military re-enactment of the tenure of Malta by the French troops.

At the museum of history “Fort Rinella” you also find a very active history which is presented by performers.

The “In Guardia Parade” pictures the inspection of the fort and its garrison by the Grand Bailiff of the Order of the Knights of St. John in charge of military affairs. This show takes place Fort St. Elmo.

“The Malta Experience” is located in Valetta and gives an understanding of the long Maltese history in form of a commentary which is available in 16 languages and very popular with tourists.

Due to the increase of tourism the arts and crafts industry in Malta became very important during the last years. In many villages one will find stalls that show and sell the traditional handicrafts of the Maltese inhabitants.  At Ta’ Qali you can find a special crafts village where a lot of hand made souvenirs are sold.

If you are especially interested in visual arts there is a selection of interesting arts in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Valetta.

Great entertainment can be found everywhere in Malta. The main spots of entertainment are definately St. Julian’s and Paceville, the hot spot for parties of any kind. There are several bars, clubs, cinemas, casinos and theatres and all of them close-by. Furthermore, several events take place in Malta, especially during the summer month.